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Özsüt restaurants chain

During the republican period, a confectioner working in the palace kitchen started working in a small shop, where he made delicious sweets from each other. The little boy, whose uncle owns the shop, learns all the intricacies and secrets of this work from this master. After a while he decides to open his own shop. In this small shop, which measures only 16 m2, it first sells yogurt and cream. The first dessert cooked there is "Qazandibi", which still tastes like the first day.

This is how the history of Özsüt, founded in 1938 by Safar Usta (as everyone called it), began.

Then the number of domestic branches increased. With the franchise system, the number of branches abroad has increased.

Ozsut's menu, which has a very rich menu, includes: cakes, milk and syrup sweets, flour products, ice cream, food and drinks.


Ataturk park department: Exit of Ganjlik metro station, Ataturk park +994 (70) 311-00-11

Winter park department: 47 Fuzuli str.: +994 (77) 341-00-11

Youth Mall Department: +994 (51) 321-00-11

Department of Sciences: Press ave., M. Seyidov str. (In the park near the Theology Mosque): +994 (51) 351-00-11

Fountain Square Department: Tarlan Aliyarbayov str. 14: +994 (70) 314 00 1